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The Blade and the Bearer.png

    In a mythical land, six clans govern the known world through firmly established borders and territories. The world itself is hostile beyond what normal humans can reasonably contend with, yet through elite warriors, known as the Marked, humanity endures. Each of the clans are led by mysterious, masked figures known as Bearers. The masks these Bearers wear endow fantastic abilities upon the Marked of each clan. 


     The story follows a young, but incredibly adept female Marked named Tyrkala of the Jyrlat clan. When she witnesses a natural phenomenon in the wild that defies all that she has known, she returns to her village to report her discovery. Shortly after her return, however, the Bearer of her village is assassinated, with only a dagger left as a clue as to the identity of the killer. What follows is a quest for answers, justice, and vengeance in a world that Tyrkala quickly realizes is far more deadly than she could have ever imagined.



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